The wedding celebration of

Lydia & Fearghal

Guests & Invites

We’ve had to choose just 40 guests for our entire wedding.

So, unfortunately, this means invites are for invitees only, no spares, plus ones or children.

When & Where

We couldn’t pick a date so we picked 3. The wedding ceremony will be on the 11th, but we’re inviting you to the Villa for 3 nights, from the 10th to the 13th of May 2022. The wedding venue is in Tuscany, Italy. 


There are villas on the vineyard grounds that are rentable for all guests coming to the wedding. These villas are self contained villas that also have a kitchen and living room. 
The Accomodation price is €370 per person for the 3 nights. 


We will be organising a coach to pick everyone up at the airport, going to the Villa on Tuesday and back again on Friday from the VIlla to the Airport. 

To accommodate that it’s important for everyone to be on the same flight.

Ryanair Flight to Rome Ciampino:
07:30 (FR9432)

Ryanair Flight to Dublin:
21:55 (FR9435)

If you are not planning to fly back on Friday, that is fine book one way and you can still take the coach back to Rome on Friday.


Any questions on anything at all please just text me or Lydia if unsure on anything.

Fearghal: 0858888140
Lydia: 0857603939

See you there, Saluti!

Wedding guest info

The wedding venue need the following information for the accommodation and also for food requirements.

The main course server at dinner will be beef, so if you would like an alternative please pick vegetarian as a dietary requirement.

Please fill it out per person, so if a couple please fill it out twice.